Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pataka visit

We went for a visit out to Pataka yesterday to look at 2 different exhibitions.  

  1. Where Do I Plug In?
Family Life and domestic technology as it was a century ago. A choice of five hands-on activities including washing, ironing, dressing up, play ground games, slate-board and ink-pen writing, darning, butter-making, rope-making, puzzles and a matching up game using old and new domestic items from the museum’s tactile collection.

TS Crew is a group of Samoan and Māori graffiti-writing, mural and tattoo artists who have been making their colourful marks around the Wellington region for 20 years. Now they are taking over one of Pātaka’s gallery spaces and painting a huge 15 metre wall with their vibrant island-inspired images. If your students enjoy drawing then our programme is ideal for extending their drawing and mark-making skills using different processes and materials. Students get to leave their mark behind with a collaborative mural activity.